Golf Day with My Client Mgi Electric Golf Buggies

As a web developer I get to rub shoulders with kinds of businesses. I was fortune it enough to be asked on golf day by MGI Golf. Mgi has an Austrlian website and a U.S domain

I have had the pleasure to help them with a few small changes to there site and in return they have offered myself a day out on the golfing greens. Thankfully they let me use one there amazing Electric Golf Buggies that they have.

At MGI they know that every golfer is unique, so they have put together a very diverse inventory that will allow any golfer to find what they are looking for in a golf cart. They have broken the inventory up into several categories to ensure that you can easily find what you are looking for. The six categories are accessories, covers, and electric golf carts, golf carts complete, MGI, and push carts. They have organized the Golf Cart Showcase website in this manner to help you find the type of golf bag that most suits your need. If you aren’t sure what you want in a golf cart our organizational system still allows you to browse through all of our products to see what may work best for you.

A word from MGI:

“Our accessories category has a lot of fun things that you might want to purchase along with your new golf cart. You can buy things such as towels, golf gloves, hats, club mittens, and more. Accessories are half the fun of golfing and we offer some of the things that you will not only have fun shopping for but will also allow you to play a better game out there on the green.”…